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9 Days 4 TOP products at the SINGLE price of 2.99 euro!



60% DISCOUNT off at Krauter Power ROLL by Bear Power, with BIO plants (code 4052)

63% DISCOUNT off at Krauter Devil's Claw Anti-inflamatory gel with BIO herbs, 500 ml (code 4453)

57% DISCOUNT off at Urea foot cream for maintaining skin moisture, with BIO herbs Krauter (code 4030)

57% DISCOUNT off at Warming foot cream with BIO herbs Krauter (code 4044)



9 Days 5 TOP products at the SINGLE price of 2.69 euro!


28% DISCOUNT off at Life Impulse ECO Spirulina (code 7013)

59% DISCOUNT off at Krauter Soothing body cream, with Shea butter and BIO herbs (code 4320)

46% DISCOUNT off at Gel to soothe irritations with with BIO mint Krauter (code 4412)

33% DISCOUNT off at Krauter Hydrating hand cream with grape seed oil and BIO almonds (code 4545)

46% DISCOUNT off at Facial Mask Biotissima with bee venom (code 21245)


Add to your basket products in total value of 50 Euro partner price at every order placed between 23.01.2018 (00:01 CET) - 31.01.2018 (23:59 CET) and you could enjoy 9 discounted products while stock lasts!


How does it work?

1. Add to your basket products in total value of 50 Euro partner

2. Select from the “Promotions” section how many promotions do you want from those cu start with „9 days… ”

Choose what fits for you and add only one piece from each promotion!



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