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Portable hydrogen filter - Super Water

hydrogenated water - "fuel" for the body

improves cellular hydration

powerful antioxidant

practical, easy to transport and use

excellent quality-price ratio

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299.00 EUR
Netto quantity:
640 g
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One thing that we know for certain: the healthiest beverage that we can drink is water. It does not contain sugar, salt, and other harmful chemical substances, as long as it’s properly filtered.
Obtain quality water that’s hydrating, nutritious, nourishing, compatible, and easily assimilated by the body, and that increases the absorption degree of food supplements!

Benefits and efects

Portable hydrogen filter - Super Water is the ideal solution that fundamentally changes your life Starting with a FUNDAMENTAL element: WATER!
Hydrogen is known as the smallest antioxidant. It plays a very important role in detoxification, and in re-establishing the body’s acid-base equilibrium, and due to its extremely small size, it can quickly reach any point in the body.
Practical, easy to transport and use:
- The water we drink is chemically treated and stript of electrons, so it cannot fight against oxidation, fact that may lead to various inflammations, or to premature ageing.
- Did you know that over 68% of the water we drink is not at home! We drink water when we’re in town, at work, terrace etc.
- Super Water’s portable Hydrogenation filter can be with you at ALL TIMES!
- Due to its very small size (390g), and its waterproof cover, you can easily keep it in your purse or backpack, with a prolonged battery durability (15 utilizations), and last but not least, it fits the majority of water bottles.
Guaranteed effects:
- 75% of people suffer from chronic dehydration
- A 5% drop in body fluids can lead to a decrease in energy level of up to 25-30%
- Increases hydration
- Increases energy levels, improves the mood
- Eliminates body toxins
- Reduces the cell oxidation process
Excellent quality-price ratio:
- State-of-the-art product
- At a super price
- Free shipping, directly at your home.

Expectations and advice

Clean the product before using the citric acid in the package. The filter may have water in it. This is normal. Water protects dewatering plates. If the plates are completely dry, the capacity of the filter is low.


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